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Allow us to take care of your vehicle through the long months of winter or whenever our storage services may be needed. Our facility provides an excellent and secure environment in which to store your vehicle. Cars are stored on or offsite, in a properly heated and ventilated environment. All vehicles are covered, provided with fuel stabilizer, a battery desulphator/maintainer and have tire pressures set to storage level to maintain adequate tire conditions. 

Staff is on site throughout the entire year, providing peace of mind and convenience when it is time to pick up or drop off your car. We can also perform any maintenance, repairs, or modifications throughout the off-season, and we also offer wheel and tire storage. 

Engineered Automotive is the perfect second home for your premium vehicle. 

// Premium Security System including Closed Circuit TV Monitoring 
// On Site Personnel at your convenience 
// Wash, clean, interior vacuum before storing and before pick up 
// Secure Spot in our dedicated storage area on site 
// Tire pressures bumped to avoid flat spotting 
// Fuel Stabilizer added 
// Vehicle Cover and Battery Maintainer applied (provided by the customer) 

EA Vehicle Select - $279.99/month 
Add $39.95/month for wheel and tire storage 
Add $89.98 for Purchase of Battery Maintainer 

To book your vehicle in for hibernation please email