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EA TRACK Days COVID Protocol 2020

Posted by Billy Smilovsky on
EA TRACK Days COVID Protocol 2020


All attendees must comply with all governmental rules and guidelines and other health directives (including those dealing with the Covid-19 Virus). As government rules and guidelines are always changing, it may become necessary to cancel this Track Day and, in such event, it may not be possible to refund some or all of the fee paid.

Bringing a guest is discouraged. If you must bring a guest, then it can be only ONE guest. No guest can be under the age of 16.  If you bring a guest, that guest will be confined to your "camp".


An EA Staff Member will assign everyone for the entire Track Day, as a "camp", either a paddock space or a pit space in pit lane. Please remain in your assigned "camp" at all times with the objective being to ensure physical distancing by keeping everyone's mobility at a minimum.  Please keep a 6-foot minimum distance from all persons in areas adjacent to your "camp".


  1. Everyone must wear a face mask when near anybody in circumstances where a minimum 6’ physical distancing cannot be maintained. Please adhere at all times to physical distancing – this applies to all persons present.
  2. Please bring hand sanitizer for yourself and, if you have one, also for your guest. Always have hand sanitizer with you.  You must apply hand sanitizer as you and, if you have one, your guest enter CTMP.
  3. Everyone must wash or sanitize their hands periodically throughout the day and also immediately after touching anything that someone else may have touched (for example, a doorknob, a pit lane handrail or a vehicle door handle, gas cap, steering wheel, etc.).
  4. Please bring your own pen to sign both CTMP’s and EA’s waivers. Do not let anyone else use your pen.  If you forgot your pen,  EA will provide you with one.
  5. Please bring at least two masks for yourself and also for your guest. If you do not have masks, EA will provide.
  6. Please wear a mask whenever you leave your "camp" to speak to any other person or when you go to the washroom. Only one person at a time can be in the washroom at the end of pit lane and not more than a maximum of two persons at a time can be in the washroom in the lower paddock. Be careful to maintain physical distancing as you enter and exit the washrooms and adjacent doorways.

These protocols are for the benefit of all CTMP Staff, EA Staff, and all persons attending the Track Day.  These protocols can be changed by CTMP Staff and by EA Staff at any time and from time to time as seen fit having regard to all governmental rules and guidelines and health directives.


Everyone must line up in Gasoline Alley (maintaining physical distancing) starting at the Classroom garage door and extending toward Corner 10.  Please have your pen with you to sign your waiver and to get your wrist ticket and vehicle sticker.  Once complete, please return to, and stay at, your "camp" until the Drivers' Meeting at 8:45 a.m.

No Coaches for hire on this Track Day.

No track walks on this Track Day.

EA will not be renting or providing helmets – you must bring your own helmet.

Absolutely no parking of vehicles in Gasoline Alley!


Drivers' Meeting will start at 8:45 a.m.  All attendees will be spread out as per physical distancing guidelines.

Track opening is at 9:00 a.m.

When purchasing fuel, please drive up to the pumps, open the fuel filler door, then create space between you and fuel attendant and provide a credit card.


The only passenger permitted in your car is an individual that is: (i) an immediate family member; and (ii) lives with you at the same address.


The following procedures will be reviewed in more detail during the Drivers' Meeting.

If your vehicle is disabled trackside, please remain in the vehicle. If your vehicle is in an unsafe position, please let the Track Marshals control the situation. Do not get out of your vehicle unless there is a fire or fuel leak. A Tow Truck will "flatbed" you and your vehicle back to your "camp" while you stay in the driver’s seat. If you cannot remain in the vehicle, EA will provide a  shuttle.  Do not return to your "camp" in the cab of the Tow Truck.

If there is an incident that requires an ambulance, the circuit will go RED.  You must follow all instructions from the Track Marshals.


Once the checkered flag has been shown, please pack up your belongings and vacate CTMP as quickly as possible in an orderly fashion.

Best Regards

Your EA Team

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